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Silhouette Cuts

A place to share your ideas and tips on the
Silhouette craft cutting machine

Silhouette SD and Portrait are an 8" cutter and now the Cameo a 12" cutter

A Sil-o-What? What is this thing? What does it do?

The Silhouette is a digital cutting tool for personal use.

Similar to the functioning of a home printer, it cuts paper and other materials

like vinyl with a blade instead of printing onto it.

Great for crafting, scrapbooking, vinyl work like wall art or words, car decals, etc!


Silhouette Studio software

Chart comparing the 3 major softwares: Studio(& DE), MTC & SCAL  By CleverSomeday (Pdf)

Designer Edition FAQ ($ version of Studio)

Scrappydew Creations - Website lots of info

Cutting machine comparison chart (updated 7/18/11)

Another Chart (last updated 4/28/09; but still has some useful info)

Sites for Inspiration:

Silhouette Plus

Yahoo Groups

Silhouette America

Inkscape forum

Amy Chomas Creations

T-Shirt Forums

Katemade Designs


The Wall Works - Custom vinyl lettering & wall decals

My Time to Craft - blog/links/videos

Wall Quotes - Custom vinyl lettering & wall decals

Ligays's Creativity Zone - Blog

Right on the Walls - Custom vinyl lettering & wall decals

Lily Pad Cards - Blog

Canon Papercrafts

Maggie Miggins designs - Blog

Shirleys Cards (buy templates)

My Creative Eye - Blog

Stick family - Cleversomeday

How does she? - Blog

US Supplies:

Scrapbook Express

Specialty Graphics Supply

H&H Sign Supply - Custom cut rolls of vinyl to 9" for us!

Expressions Vinyl

Us Cutter

Custom Crops


Foto Bella

Crafty Steals - Deal a day site, occasionally has Sil stuff on sale

Patterned Vinyl

Craft Vinyl

UK Supplies:

Links to several